Soothing Arts Healing Therapies School Of Massage & Skin Care

Since 1999, Soothing Arts Healing Therapies School Of Massage & Skin Care located in Florida has been providing positive training techniques through lecture, demonstration and practical hands-on applications. We also offer numerous on-site massage and beauty services, to provide customers with a high level of comfort and our students with an opportunity to hone their skills!

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The Premier Massage Therapy School in the Florida area

The market for trained, licensed massage therapy, nail care and skin care professionals is one of the fastest growing niches out there today. And, as a result, the industry needs talented, experienced professionals to fill these openings. Since 1999, Soothing Arts Healing Therapies School Of Massage & Skin Care has dedicated itself to teaching people the fundamental skills they need to know to achieve a career in these fields and today, we’re proudly renowned as one of the premier massage therapy schools in Florida. Our focus on teaching the overarching health benefits of massage, as well as traditional techniques and numerous modalities, means the next generation of massage therapists will be as good or even better than the last!

More than just a massage therapy school in Florida, we also teach the fundamentals of nail and skin care. The benefits of these focuses are numerous as well, and they frequently go hand in hand with massage as cornerstones of spa services and treatments. Our goal is to help students diversify their abilities, so that they may become respected experts as they progress in their future endeavors. We even provide more than just general instruction: we also offer a hands-on approach to learning via a bevy of services and treatments offered to customers right at our facilities! Stop on in today to receive a treatment yourself, or, if you’re intrigued by the prospect of learning at a renowned massage therapy school in Florida, contact us today for enrollment information!

  • We’re members of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association (FSMTA).
  • We’re an American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) affiliate.
  • We’re a Florida State-approved massage therapy educator.
  • We’re approved for veteran training.
  • We offer a range of on-site massage therapy and beauty services for customer and clients.


  • Approved Vendor for Florida Vocational Rehabilitation

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Looking to broaden your horizons and learn more about the rapidly expanding fields of massage therapy, skincare and nail care? Contact Soothing Arts Healing Therapies School Of Massage & Skin Care today!

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