January 23, 2024

"Many of my clients went there for training- they loved it!_And the owner: Von....super nice and helpful!"
June 3, 2022

"The staff is very kind! A successful beauty school that has a great reputation and been in business a long time!"
August 8, 2021

"Such a nice place. Students were well trained. I was there with 2 girlfriends for my birthday. The cost was $25. FYI..They can't accept tips but we brought them fried chicken as a thank you."
February 22, 2021

LMT MA86878

"Soothing Arts is fantastic. The knowledgeable instructors provided plenty of hands on training to make me competent and confident enough to go to work immediately upon graduation.This school is unique in our area in providing a diversified curriculum with top notch instructors and visiting therapists in many sub specialties. The quality of education was so high that many already licensed therapists paid to attend some of our training to earn continuing education credits. This meshing of students and practicing therapists offered mentorship and invaluable "real world" interface that helped all of us immediately find employment as soon as we became licensed.Our instructors gave us not only the fundamentals, but also enough theory that we could successfully reason out the questions on the Florida LMT licensure exam. I believe Soothing Arts has the highest first time pass rate of ALL area schools.You will NOT be wasting your money on this school. Where else can you go to school, get licensed, and be working within 9 months in a career field in high demand where you make a difference helping others? I earned enough to completely pay for my training in my first 7 weeks! (I can't say that about the cost of my college or other schooling.)Soothing Arts is a great school for a first, second or third career. The diversity of students showed me that anyone who applies themselves can and will succeed. We had single parents, divorcees, widows, disabled veterans, disenchanted health care professionals seeking change as well as some young students fresh out of school. I looked around and thought: "If they can all succeed, then so can I!"If you care about helping others and making a difference in a fun, exciting growing career field, then Soothing Arts School of Massage is for YOU! "
February 17, 2021

"This school is run by very kind people. I started school in fall of 2020. I was in a car accident that December. Everyone at Soothing Arts was extremely accommodating of my injuries. I ended up moving back home without finishing the program, but they were so kind about it. I can tell they truly care about my well-being."